Stressed out Educators and Caregivers

Stressed out educators and caregivers! 

Having taught in a middle school classroom for over 20 years, I know firsthand how you feel.

This demanding profession, while immensely rewarding, can be incredibly taxing on your energy, attitude, and motivation. It is a challenge to juggle lesson prep, grading, new initiatives, and the many personalities of the young people in front of you each day, in addition to pressures of parent requests, extra-curriculars and more.


In the current climate of intense scrutiny of our educational system, I know many of you are feeling under appreciated and overwhelmed by the many aspects of this job that are out of your control.

The offerings at Ripple Effect are created with you in mind.  

Let me offer you some ideas and techniques that will help you navigate through your days more gracefully and positively. We have ready to go projects, day long workshops and ongoing classes and you can just come and play in the studio, if that serves you best!

You’ll feel more empowered and relaxed because you have made the important decision to take care of yourself so that you can take better care of others.