Sorority & College Students

Motivational Talks with a Twist!

As an veteran educator, I am skilled at putting together presentations and activities for any topic. I have given talks related to diversity, human dignity,  mental illness, empowerment, law of attraction and or simply sparking creativity. Making creativity and art a part of the conversation is a unique and compelling way to communicate, express and share feelings.

I recently presented to the Delta Gamma sorority at Ohio Wesleyan University. The focus was the topic of human dignity.

My part of the presentation focused on self-dignity and becoming aware of our self-talk. We must practice loving and positive self talk in order to the best out in the world.sorority1

The women collaged images and inspirational words on boxes.

visionboard-sororityBoxes can hold affirmations or anything else that is important to the individual.

Let’s work together to come up with something new and unique for your group! Contact me now and let’s talk.

Cost is $50/hour plus materials fee. (Travel fees may apply.)