Workshops & Classes


These workshops will be offered at Ripple Effect. The day will have a variety of activities, a creative endeavor or two and delicious food! Come spend the day with friends and have the chance to do something you love OR perhaps try something new. Bring a group and get a discount! (6 or more) Interested in any of these and don’t see them on the calendar? Call me to schedule.

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Creative Repurposing

This workshop is designed to spark your imagination by taking “old” things and re-imagining them in different ways.


We will spend the morning exploring some of the antique stores in beautiful Delaware, Ohio to find the objects we’ll use. Perhaps you’ll find some old doorknobs and will make a coat rack? Maybe you’ll find some tea cups and plates that you can epoxy together to make a plant stand or garden art? There are endless possibilities. I have lots of books and magazines for you to peruse and get ideas from prior to our field trip to the shops. We’ll return to Ripple Effect for a delicious lunch and planning time before we get to the creative process of bringing new life to our found objects.

5 hours includes lunch at Ripple Effect

$75 (plus money to buy your “found” objects)

The Art of Journaling

This workshop will be for those of you who currently journal OR those of you who think about it but haven’t yet started.


Journaling is such an easy and beautiful way for self expression and healing. We’ll be making our own personalized journal and we’ll explore different ways that journaling can be done. You don’t have to be a skilled writer. You just need the desire or the curiosity to open yourself up to the idea of putting your thoughts on paper. In addition to these heartfelt activities, I’ll share some journaling ideas to get you started, listen to great music and enjoy the company of other creative souls. You’ll then have the opportunity to go find a cozy corner at Ripple Effect where you can begin your journaling experience. 

2 hours $35 (includes all the materials)

Mindful Scavenger Hunt

This unique workshop will combine mindfulness and creativity.


I will share and you will experience a variety of mindful techniques that can help you manage stress and keep you grounded and centered in the midst of life’s craziness. You learn the benefits of incorporating these simple practices into your life. We’ll break for a delicious lunch and then we’ll get creative!

You’ll then go out into Ripple Effect’s beautiful neighborhood on a photography scavenger hunt and capture images that represent the various aspects of meditation we talked about such as “peace”, “tranquility”. You’ll need to bring your own camera or phone that takes pictures. We’ll meet back at Ripple Effect and download your pictures to create a unique hardback photo book that recaps the techniques and ideas we discussed as well as the ways we see those in the world.  You will receive your hardback book a few days after the workshop. 

5 hours  

$75 (includes the cost of the photo book and lunch)


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Infinite Possibilities:Live Your Best Life…The Art of Living Your Dreams and Infinite Possibilities: I Believe in Me( for youth)

Do you love your life? Are you excited to start the adventure of each day open to the opportunities and people who show up?


I Believe in ME!

I Believe in ME!

If not, then this class is for you! During this series you will learn how to design the life that you want and feel empowered to go after the love, happiness, success, good health and wealth you so deserve.

We are meant to thrive in this life not just survive. How can you get there? I can show you the Infinite Possibilities that lie before you.

Based on the NY Times bestselling book, Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley, I, as a certified Infinite Possibilities trainer, will teach you the steps to making your best life by changing your thoughts.

These steps, combined with patience and a better understanding of who you are and how life works, are literally what makes miracles and magic happen. Aren’t you ready for some magic and miracles in your life??