Studio Projects

Studio Projects

In the Ripple Effect studio there are 5 project all organized and ready to go. You’ll have access to all the materials needed to complete a completely original piece. All you have to do is pick the project, gather the variety of materials available to make your own unique creation.

Project #1: Surrealist Collage

Using a variety of pictures cut out of the magazines, you’ll create a scene that is fun and a bit kooky. It’s a fun way to be creative without being an artist or painter.


Project #2: Adult Coloring Books

Coloring is recess fun at it’s best! Here you can choose from a large variety of images to immerse yourself in. Ripple Effect has an incredible array of adult coloring books, colored pencils, gel pens and markers to make your coloring experience the best.


Project #3: Personalized Journal

Using images you cut out from magazines, paint, stamps and more, you’ll personalize and decorate a composition notebook. Make it for yourself or for someone special. It could be a travel journal or a gratitude journal. There are many possibilities for this project.


Project #4: Vision Board

A vision board is a motivational device. It’s like a bulletin board with words and pictures on it that mean something positive to you. It’s a creative way to remind yourself daily of your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Using paint, paint canvas and cut out images and words, you’ll design a vision board for yourself.


Project #5: Decorated Dream Box

For this project you’ll decorate and repurpose a box using paints, beads, buttons, collaged images, markers, etc. This box can be used for a variety of things…It can hold wishes that you write down, pictures of things you wish to have, OR it could be where you write and collect your worries or concerns before you ritually release them by shredding them or safely burning them. There are many uses for this uniquely decorated box limited only by your imagination!


The sky is the limit in the Ripple Effect studio! All creations are 100% unique because YOU decide how to use the materials and how it’s going to look.