Studio Time

Recess Time in the Studio!


When you come to the Ripple Effect studio, you can choose from a variety of projects to create. Or you can just play with the vast supplies of art supplies, collage materials, paper and canvases!


All materials are available to you and I can provide gentle instruction if you want. No experience is necessary.


All projects have an example colorfully displayed in the art room which overlooks a beautifully relaxing landscaped yard.


AddieAdirondack, or Addie for short, is the Ripple Effect canine companion and my faithful sidekick. She is a calm soulful seven year old Bernese Mountain dog who will greet you and be around to give love if you so desire. If you would prefer a dogless experience, she has a playmate down the street, just let me know.  Addie’s very easy going so it makes no difference to her. 

Days and Times

Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays

Session A: 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Session B: 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm 

Session C: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Dinners at Ripple Effect

Take a healthy dinner break between Sessions B + C with delicious homemade soup, salad, dessert and beverage.


Served at 6:00 pm, dinner is available for any Ripple Effecter who is coming for recess. Modestly priced at $5.00, it’s a great way to enhance your Ripple Effect visit! Reservations are requested.

Your Ripple Effect Experience

At the start of your time we’ll do an intention setting activity together which will help you temporarily let go of worries, stress and the “To Do” lists. All electronics will be silenced and put aside and you’ll get whatever beverage or snack you’d like to have during recess.

Filtered water, hot herbal teas or coffee will be available in addition to light snacks.

After introductions, we’ll move up to the studio and you’ll get an overview of the space, project choices and materials.

Soft music, casual conversation and laughter will be a part of your creative time. Revel in the relaxed company of others and fun of recess again.

Eventually a soft chime will sound to indicate the final ten minutes of recess. At this time you’ll gather what you’re taking home or you might decide to stay for dinner and into the evening session.

Ripple RockAs you are getting ready to leave Ripple Effect, you’ll receive a small stone with the Ripple Effect logo on it as a reminder to you of the power of your “ripple” (your words and actions).

By keeping your ripples loving and compassionate, you can effect great change one person at a time. 

Cost for 90 minutes studio time: $60.00

Cost for 3 hours studio time (same night): $100.00

Become a studio member to save money in the studio and on all workshops and classes!